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Halloween Nail Tutorial

Hi Ladies! Halloween is right around the corner & I sure am excited! I hope you all have your costumes picked out and your plans arranged, but what to do for nails… This is a nail tutorial for Halloween nails! There are five different styles; pick one and make your nails all match or make […]

4th of July Nail Tutorial

To inspire you with creativity using our nail vinyls, we decided to make a few 4th of July Nail tutorials using vinyl nail decals that are for sale in our shop. First I painted every other nail blue and white. Before using the vinyls make sure your nails are completely dry otherwise the vinyls won’t […]

Driving Pretty Nail Tutorial: French Manicure with bow accents & a skeleton

Hi Ladies! This is a nail tutorial for a French manicure with bow accents and a skeleton! Now I’m no pro at nail art, but I just love it 🙂 That’s why I decided to create a simple nail tutorial that you can actually do at home yourself! Though it may not be perfect, nail […]