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Electricity In Your Vehicle

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the customization and personalization of your car. Most of which are strictly cosmetic, i.e. color change, rims and tires, tints, or even spoilers. However some additions require power and control. Now you’ve entered the world of 12 Volts DC or Direct Current. For those of you whom […]

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R.I.P Scion Brand

Scion, established as a separate brand in 2003 as a laboratory to explore new products and processes to attract youth customers, is now transitioning back to the Toyota brand. Scion achieved its goals of developing unique products and processes, and bringing in new, younger customers to Toyota. With more than a million cars sold, 70 […]

“Fast 7” Ending

Like most of you probably did, The Driving Pretty Team headed to the movies on opening night to watch “Fast 7.” We couldn’t wait to view it and not to mention didn’t want anything spoiled for us via the internet – if you haven’t seen already, do so.  We all enjoyed the movie, of course, […]

Fast 7 Trailer

Who’s excited for Fast 7?! What do you think of the trailer?

Help Krissy Compete For Miss New Jersey!

Hi Pretty Girls!  We had the pleasure of meeting Krissy a few weeks ago while photographing her Ford Focus ST for the upcoming issue of Driving Pretty Magazine.  During Krissy’s interview we found out about an amazing opportunity she has been chosen for.  What is it? Well this October Krissy hopes to be joining hundreds […]

Monday Night Takeover June 16th 2014

It’s that time of year again where Street Wheelz brings the entire automotive community on Long Island together on Monday nights at the Bald Hill Amphitheater for Monday Night Takeover.  The meet starts at 7 but we arrived early (around 6:30) and there was already a huge turnout as the parking stalls were filled row after row. […]

Spring 2014 Launch Issue

Our long anticipated Spring 2014 Launch issue is finally here!  Sorry for the delay as we had some publishing problems but none the less its finally available for purchase.  We are offering the magazine to you in both digital and hard copies so pick which one you want and order today!  This issue contains features, […]

Welcome Statement

Hi ladies and welcome! As the founder of Driving Pretty, I plan to provide our readers with everything car related, as well as a little bit of beauty, mixed with some fashion, and gossip.  Driving Pretty is intended to be a community for female auto enthusiast’s to share photo’s and information from all around the […]