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Pre Order your 2015 Driving Pretty Calendar!

Ladies, you can now Pre-Order your copy of the first 2015 Official Driving Pretty Calendar!  Below is the preview for each month.  All rides are girl owned, so show support for your fellow female auto enthusiasts.  Follow the link to purchase your copy at a discounted rate! Act quickly because the price will increase in […]

Sema 2014

See what you missed out on during the SEMA Show 2014

World Greatest Drag Race 4

I’m sure we’ve all seen the first 3 videos of the World’s Greatest Drag Races on YouTube in the past.  Recently, Motor Trend put out their latest video, World’s Greatest Drag Race 4, and added some new contenders  to the line up of vehicles.  The Nissan GTR has been a one of the top dogs in […]

BMW M4 Commercial

This is a must watch BMW Canada commercial titled “The Ultimate Racetrack”, showcasing the new F82 M4 racing on a made-up circuit and you’ll never guess where. I don’t want to give too much away but my heart definitely skipped a beat when the camera changed to a wide angle. If its real or CGI, […]