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Halloween Nail Tutorial

Hi Ladies! Halloween is right around the corner & I sure am excited! I hope you all have your costumes picked out and your plans arranged, but what to do for nails… This is a nail tutorial for Halloween nails! There are five different styles; pick one and make your nails all match or make […]

Fall Nail Polish Picks!

Yay!! Fall is finally here, and to celebrate, here are some of our favorite fall nail polish colors!   Cabaret by Ciate A "creamy purple with lashing of pink" $17.00 on Ciatelondon.com               CIA = Color is Awesome by OPI $10.00 on Ulta.com               Good Old Days by MAC [...]

Our Nail Vinyls – Explained!

  If you don’t know about our nail vinyls yet, you will now! Our designs are great and I’m not just saying that because we sell them. They help those of us like myself who are not so talented in painting nail designs, create awesome nails with ease! You can use them as guides, stencils […]

Long Hair, Don’t Care…Unless You’re In a Convertible; Tips for Managing Convertible Hair

So whether your cruising down the highway in your Ford Mustang Convertible or off-roading at the beach in your Wrangler, you’re probably imagining that your hair is flowing beautifully in the wind, just as the movies display it.  Instead, it’s whipping you in your face and blowing in every direction possible causing you to reach your destination with […]

4th of July Nail Tutorial

To inspire you with creativity using our nail vinyls, we decided to make a few 4th of July Nail tutorials using vinyl nail decals that are for sale in our shop. First I painted every other nail blue and white. Before using the vinyls make sure your nails are completely dry otherwise the vinyls won’t […]

How to: Soft Kissable Lips

Having chapped lips can often be uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing! Don’t you just hate it when your lips are dry, cracked, and flaking? You put lip stick or lip gloss on your lips and it just looks horrible. Well trust me and try this easy at home remedy for exfoliating your lips, leaving them soft […]

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

Let’s face it ladies, men are complicated, am I right? Wrong! Once you stop over-thinking men and realize that they are much less complex than you are, you can take charge, keep them content and get what you want at the same time.  So here’s a list of the top 10 things that will help you […]

Spinning Shoe Closet

I think this would be perfect for every woman out there and should come standard in a master bedroom!

Driving Pretty Issue #2 Now Available!

The new issue of the Driving Pretty Magazine is now available for download or hardcopy purchases! Pick up your copy today to see featured rides, car shows from this summer, get beauty tips, fashion tips, how to prepare your vehicle for the Fall, and much more! Follow the link below!     Driving Pretty Magazine […]

Help Krissy Compete For Miss New Jersey!

Hi Pretty Girls!  We had the pleasure of meeting Krissy a few weeks ago while photographing her Ford Focus ST for the upcoming issue of Driving Pretty Magazine.  During Krissy’s interview we found out about an amazing opportunity she has been chosen for.  What is it? Well this October Krissy hopes to be joining hundreds […]

Spring 2014 Launch Issue

Our long anticipated Spring 2014 Launch issue is finally here!  Sorry for the delay as we had some publishing problems but none the less its finally available for purchase.  We are offering the magazine to you in both digital and hard copies so pick which one you want and order today!  This issue contains features, […]

Vintage Pinup

Save 15% off by entering a special coupon code only for Driving Pretty readers! Coupon code: DRIVE15 Every girl knows that fashion trends cycle though time – everything old will someday become new again. So, the resurgence of 50’s and 60’s pin up inspired fashion is no surprise. I personally love the pin up look […]

Free Beauty Make-overs with Trish

We would like to introduce our very first beauty consultant from Long Island, Trish! She is a full time consultant for Mary Kay and has agreed to share her expertise with all of you. In fact, for the next few weeks she is accepting free appointments made through us where she will give you a free make […]

Hello from Glamming with Brittany!

Hello, my fellow Glamazons!! My name is Brittany Grace. Some call me Britty, and even fewer call me Britt, I’m excited to share my world of fashion and beauty with you. I’m 24 years young and from the fabulous Lindenhurst, Long Island, and I’ll always believe New York is the BEST place to be. You […]

Welcome Statement

Hi ladies and welcome! As the founder of Driving Pretty, I plan to provide our readers with everything car related, as well as a little bit of beauty, mixed with some fashion, and gossip.  Driving Pretty is intended to be a community for female auto enthusiast’s to share photo’s and information from all around the […]