Driving Pretty is a growing motor vehicle organization for female automotive enthusiasts. Over the years more and more women have been making a greater impact on what once was a male dominated industry. What started as an Instagram by Stephanie of Long Island, NY in late 2014 has quickly grown into a community that recognizes, inspires, encourages and spreads positivity to women that are involved and/or interested in being involved in the automotive industry worldwide. Our goal is to influence women by using female role models to create a positive and encouraging network for women with an automotive passion to gain more respect and acknowledgement. We are trying to help lead the way in reducing stereotypes and ending bias for women in the automotive industry. It seems to us that most females assume that it is unladylike or tomboyish to enjoy cars as a hobby, but we are trying to prove these misconceptions wrong. You do not need to sacrifice your femininity or be any less delicate to enjoy cars, you just have to be yourself. There’s no auto enthusiast rule that says you can’t love high heels, clothes, designer handbags, and make up.

If you ask any enthusiast how their passion began, most will acknowledge how they were exposed to car culture in some way, such as going to a car show or a race track.  However, since society assumes girls don’t like cars, we are less likely invited to experience opportunities like these. I, Stephanie was introduced to car culture by my then boyfriend and now fiancé. We would go to many car shows and races together and I remember seeing modified cars and thinking that I wanted my car to stand out and show off my personality. I knew in order to be accepted I would have to improve my automotive knowledge and so my automotive passion began.

You can’t just pronounce yourself as a “car girl” by putting some stickers on your windows and plasti-dipping your stock wheels.  Society already expects female auto enthusiasts to be less knowledgeable and less capable then our male counterparts and we need to change this misconception.  It is insulting that most men think women just pretend to like cars to get attention, when we are equally as passionate and knowledgeable as any male enthusiast.  So, in order for females as a whole to be taken seriously in the automotive community, it is important for all of us to learn and ask questions.  Building a female auto enthusiast network is difficult, but it is necessary in order to support and encourage more women to be involved and discover their automotive passions. This will allow us to continue to grow the female presence in the automotive industry.

Thanks to social media we have been able to reach many and be discovered by even more female enthusiasts.  We have extensive plans to grow more this year and can’t wait to be able to share everything with all of you.  In the mean time please support us by following us on Instagram or Facebook and by viewing our website for the latest features and articles on amazing women in the automotive community.

Most importantly thank you to all our fans.  We appreciate you so, so much!!





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Note to Fans

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