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Final Roller

Meet Ashley Lammela, aka “SmashStunts”; Ashley is a 23 year old stunt motorcycle rider originally from Minnesota but has been a resident in sunny Las Vegas for over a year now. Stunt riding is Ashley’s passion but aside from that she enjoys bar-tending, riding dirt-bikes, traveling and playing some video games from time to time.



Ashley’s ride is a fully stunted 2001 Honda CBR600 F4i. The bike started off as a bone stock CBR600 and Ashley has slowly added more modifications to it as she progressed. She began riding motorcycles in February of 2012 and started playing around with a couple of basic stunts soon after she started riding but she didn’t start to fully committing stunt riding until January of 2014. Shortly after she purchased her first motorcycle, Ashley was introduced to the world of stunt riding. “I was shown videos of riders doing shows and I was so amazed and mind-blown by what I had seen. I asked my now-boyfriend who had experience with stunt riding to teach me a few tricks and that’s how it all began.” Stunt riding is not easy by any means. It takes lots of practice, dedication, and heart. “When I first became truly committed to the sport, it almost became like a full time job except it was loads of fun. I was obsessed with progressing; I practiced 5-6 times a week for 6 or more hours a day for weeks until I mastered the basic wheelie. I have definitely had my fair share of struggles and not everything has come easy but giving up has never been an option. I’ve had a few bad falls but I’ve been lucky enough to not have any major injuries that kept me from riding. I think it’s important to balance pushing the limits and being cautious enough to be able to ride the next day.”


What stunt do you like to perform the most?

Right now I am really loving combos. I like to see how many different tricks and variations I can do all in one wheelie and I like to practice getting faster and smoother with them.

We love the design and color scheme of your stunt bike. Its very different and unique. Is your bike vinyl wrapped? painted?

My wrap was custom designed by JJ Wright with Wright Wraps.

Any other shoutouts to shops, sponsors, or your crew?

Huge shoutout to my boyfriend who has cheered me on since day 1, my fans and my sponsors NewBreed, NDCustomz and StuntFarm.

What advice do you have for other females who are interested in stunting, or even some advice for females who just want to learn how to ride?

My advice to females wanting to learn to ride or stunt is to learn how to shut off the fear part of your brain. Us women are just naturally wired to be more cautious and over-think things which can really be a huge obstacle to overcome in this sport and can even be dangerous if you are second guessing yourself in the heat of the moment. Riding is all about becoming one with your machine and learning how to fully control it. So just let loose and enjoy the ride  🙂





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