Spring Clean Your Car

By Driving Pretty

Winter is  the worst season for our vehicles, thanks to salted roads, low temperatures, potholes, and ice. Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to clean off our beauties and get them ready for the spring show season.

1. Clean out the garbage and your excess clothes and accessories.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.  I tend to keep a small garbage bag in my car to avoid any mess but when it comes to extra clothing and shoes, I am guilty.  Between work, sleeping at my boyfriends house and going to my actual home, my trunk resembles my closet.  So it’s always good to clear it out and remember what I’ve actually been keeping in there.

2. Vacuum the interior, dust your dashboard and scrub your floor mats.

Work top to bottom, and make sure to get all the dust off your dashboard.  The last thing you need is dust mixed with pollen once allergy season starts.  Use auto upholstery and carpet cleaner to clean your interior and make sure to scrub your floor mats well, since they handle lots of abuse during winter from dust and salt.  If you don’t have all weather rubber floor mats, you should buy them, they are a lot easier to clean and protect better then the carpeted ones do.

3. Obviously, wash and wax your vehicles exterior to restore shine.

Make sure you remove all the excess dirt, mud and salt layers from your vehicle.  Doing so will help you preserve your paint.  Don’t forget to clean the windows from the inside too!

4. Perform your regular maintenance.

Be sure to check all your fluids including oil, wiper, coolant and your brakes.  You may need to replace your tires, headlights, or your wiper blades so check those as well.

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