Pre-Season Preparation

By Driving Pretty

Now that the car show season is right around the corner, you start getting that itch to go out and show off your pride and joy. During the winter months, you may have purchased a new wheel and tire set up, intake, exhaust, a turbocharger, or even a new suspension that you’re eagerly waiting to install. Regardless, we all want our cars to be as perfect as possible when we pull up to a show or a meet. That being said, Driving Pretty would like to give you a few pointers about a few things that some enthusiasts might forget while winter comes to an end.

pre season prep

This winter has been brutal with snow storms and low temperatures. A record amount of road salt was used this year in the NY/NJ/CT region which might mean that the under carriage of your vehicle is covered in road salt. Road salt will eat away at just about anything if it stays in contact for a long period of time, after all, you don’t want your expensive suspension parts to just rust away, do you? The first thing you should do is properly give your vehicle’s under carriage a good hose down, preferably with a power washer. If you do not have access to a power washer, we recommend a self car wash, as their handheld hose and brush combination give out a decent amount of washing power. There are also car wash establishments with an under carriage wash, but remember, if you lowered your car, you may not be able to fit onto the car wash pulley system.

Next, look over your car for any mechanical issues, do some preventative maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it during the show season. If you do not know how to check for any issues, drive your vehicle down to your local trust worthy mechanics and have them look it over. Some things to check for are:

Tires – Is the tread still good? Do you have signs of uneven wear?

Drive Belt – Is the belt making any noise? Does it have cracks on it?

Air Filter – Check to see if your filter is free of any debris or dirt.

Fluids – Check your oil levels, coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid.

Battery – Its been a cold winter, so make sure your battery is performing good.

Keyless Remote Entry – Change your batteries, you might find yourself locked out one day if your keyless entry remote batteries die.

Now lets move on to the aesthetics of your vehicle. You always want your car to look great whether you’re just going to get groceries or going to a car meet. So our first tip for keeping your vehicle clean is to, well, wash it! Provide yourself with enough time to clean it inside and out. Get into all the little crevices that you can’t reach with an old tooth brush, trust me, it works! And don’t forget about washing the under carriage to keep it rust free, as we mentioned earlier. Once your vehicle is squeeky clean, you may think that you’re done, however, don’t clean up just yet. After a brutal winter, an important step after washing your car is to give your vehicle’s paint a coat of wax. Wax will protect and preserve your paint from mother nature’s elements and give your vehicle an extra glossy and deeper shine. Don’t be afraid to learn how to wax your vehicle if you haven’t ever tried to. It’s really as simple as Mr. Miagi says it is, “wax on wax off!”

We hope follow our pre-season preperation guide so that you can keep Driving Pretty throughout the car show season.


Photo By: Tolga Cetin of Street Image Photography

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