Brianna’s Evo X

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There’s always a time when you find yourself driving down a road behind an awesome car you’ve always wanted. Loud exhaust, heads turning at every corner. You pull up next to that car and instinctively look over to see who is behind the wheel. Well, for Brianna Booska, the looks she receives are always the faces of “what the hell, a girl is driving THAT?”.

Car sunset final_1

From the time she got her license in Vermont, Brianna had always wanted an Evo. Settling with a Nissan 350z as her first car, she always had her eyes on that dream. Well, Brianna was able to make this dream a reality in 2014 while in college in Tampa FL. Even though there is basically no use for the AWD in Tampa, she did not stray from her goal. Here she is, with a pristine Evo that none would figure a girl drives.

Kissy face final _Fotor1

Starting from the bottom-up, Brianna’s Evo is sitting on 18″ Work Emotion CR Kai’s in gloss black, perfectly blending with the black accents, lightly-smoked tails and 5% tint all the way around. The factory lug nuts have been swapped with Neochrome lugs; cleanly finishing off the wheels of this beast.

heels and wheel 1

Although the stock Evo has quite the engine, Brianna did not stop at the wheels. An Injen intake brings in the cold air to the engine. The whole engine bay is accented with a custom-colored Tiffany Blue, and an Invidia N1 single-exit catback exhaust finishes it off with a classy but aggressive growl.

wheel cleaning final_Fotor1

Brianna is a car girl. Her dream is exactly the same as what other car fanatics live off of. All of those hard nights in the garage, the blood, sweat, and tears.  The love for the automotive lifestyle keeps us all going, and for most of us, we will always be pushing towards that next mod or next build.

low roller final_Fotor

But for now, Brianna is happy with the beautiful Evo she has created. It was truly a great experience to be able to shoot a car built by a girl with an awesome passion.

– Work Emotion CR Kai’s
– Neochrome lugs
– Injen Intake
– Invidia N1 Single Exit Catback Exhaust
– Tiffany Blue Engine Bay Accents
– 5% tint all the way around
– 30% tinted tail lights
– Debadged
– Blue Fog Lights

Future Plans:
– Voltex front lip
– Voltex Front Splitter
– Work VSXX Step Lip Wheels
– KW V3 Coilovers or bags
– Carbon Fiber Hood and Trunk
– AMS Downpipe
– AMS Intercooler
– Full Engine Rebuild
– Black Headlight Housings
– Widebody kit

Zach Gresham | ZG Photography


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