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Hey Pretties!  My name is Sammy (IG: @thatboostedchick) and I am the proud owner of a 2008 Subaru WRX sedan.  I first got into cars my senior year of high school.  One of my ex boyfriends would take me to car shows and meets, and to be honest I hated it at first.  I didn’t understand why people would put so much money into their cars.  But soon after the boyfriend who I was dating broke up with me, I sold my 03 Subaru Impreza 2.5rs and purchased myself a WRX to step up my game.  I started going to shows, met new people, and made a lot of new friends.


Driving Pretty: Sammy, you seem to model with cars a lot, how did you get into that?
I was working as a promo model after high school until about 2 years ago.  I worked for a bunch of energy drink companies and liquor brands.  I even worked for a motorcycle company in my area. People kept asking me why I wasn’t modeling with cars because it would make more sense since I am very much into cars.  I didn’t really think it would become what it is today, but I am so happy and proud of myself. Now a days though, you need to watch out for these “car models” because most of these girls are getting a some what decent car, posing in front of it, and calling themselves a model.


I’m not liking the scene right now, but I’m still enjoying what I do. I made the most amazing friends and I can’t wait for next year, I just hope the “scene” gets better.

I’m not sure what plans I have for my car next year, I really want the hyper blue BRZ but it’s super slow so I would def throw a turbo up in that bitch.  I also am thinking of getting a Nissan 240sx or something similar to that. I love my car now but it’s about to be paid off and I kinda want something new.

As for a piece of advice to the ladies, be true to yourself and do what you love to do!  There are always going to be haters that try to put you down, but you just need to prove them wrong.  And for the girls who are getting into the scene for the wrong reasons. Please stop for the sake of all of us!

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Mod list
18×10 Brada TR1 wheels 3.5 inch lips in front, 4 inch lips in rear
Green envy vinyl wrap
BC extreme low coilovers
Rear adjustable camber arms
JNA front lip
Invidia n1 turbo back exhaust
Turbo XS cold air intake
top mount intercooler
open source tune done by Area1320
Rear Diffuser
Cipher harness bar
Takata harnesses
NRG quick release steering wheel


image1 (2)

rolling shot


Photos by:  Zuumy

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