“Fast 7” Ending

By Driving Pretty

Like most of you probably did, The Driving Pretty Team headed to the movies on opening night to watch “Fast 7.” We couldn’t wait to view it and not to mention didn’t want anything spoiled for us via the internet – if you haven’t seen already, do so.  We all enjoyed the movie, of course, what’s not to enjoy?! As to not spoil much, we just want to talk about the Paul Walker montage at the end, which had to be the most memorable scene from the entire franchise, not to mention the saddest.

First, the entire time I watched, I kept wondering how and when they were going to “kill” off Brian’s character and was shocked but very pleased they never did.  The ending to “Fast 7” couldn’t have been a more perfect ending, and it was impossible for those watching to leave the theater smiling, since the montage left everyone in tears. The song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa could not have related better to the story that the Fast 7 franchise has built and Dom’s voice over made you blur both his relationship with Brian in the movie, and their real life friendship as Vin and Paul.  The Fast franchise celebrates the value of family and friend made family though out every movie, and this one made you remember how the cast of Fast movies are all friends not just on screen, but in real life as well.  To me, the ending made me realize how special the Fast franchise really is and no other movie has ever done that.  So as you sit there and watch it with your “car family,” you won’t be able to sit there and not relate and realize that you too are part of the Fast family and the loss that we all have felt from losing Paul Walker.


RIP Paul Walker. We miss you!

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