Driving Pretty Nail Tutorial: French Manicure with bow accents & a skeleton

By Nicole Danielle


Hi Ladies! This is a nail tutorial for a French manicure with bow accents and a skeleton! Now I’m no pro at nail art, but I just love it 🙂 That’s why I decided to create a simple nail tutorial that you can actually do at home yourself! Though it may not be perfect, nail art at home is a fun activity and a great way to save money on trips to the salon!

For this manicure you will need a white polish, a black polish preferably with a very thin brush (if not, you could use a tiny paint brush or even a toothpick), a hot pink polish, a French color (nude to light pink) of your choice, any topcoat, and a dotting tool if you have! These are my supplies below, but any brand will work!



Start off with clean & shaped nails! Apply a base-coat if you have one.

Paint a white tip across all of your nails except the ring finger. You can either do this with a regular white nail polish bottle, a French manicure pen, or place tape across the nail to make a nice even line. Next, paint your ring finger nail white.


After, carefully paint a black line directly under the white tip, then add a bow by making two simple triangles on either side.


For the skeleton, trace two ovals for eyes, two small dots for the nose, and paint a smile across, then line the smile with dashes for a spooky look! Lastly, add a pink dot to the middle of the bow, allow to dry, and then use the French manicure color to apply over the entire nail and top off with top coat!



Here is some up-close photos:

IMG_0305    IMG_0307

And that’s it, I hope you liked the tutorial!

xoxo Nicole <3


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