Lindsey’s “Hoop-dy” MazdaSpeed3

By Driving Pretty

This past Monday night while attending the Monday Night Takeover over at Bald Hill, we decided to set up a feature shoot with our friend Lindsey (IG: @Dopechick_flywhip) and her 2007 MazdaSpeed3 GT.

Lindsey's Hoop-dy MazdaSpeed3

Lindsey is a Long Island native and hobbies include cars, modeling, and hula hooping.  When Lindsey picked up her Mazda a couple of months ago, it was fairly stock; but that’s not the case anymore.  She’s got a COBB tune, a Borla catback exhaust, K&N intake, lowered on Megan racing coilovers, Varrstoen es2 wheels, and a Grip Royal quick release steering wheel, which she doesn’t recommend, as you loose your airbags and can’t pass state inspections.  Lindsey tells us that her next plan for her Mazda is a front lip, then a high pressure fuel pump and a few internals so she can put in a downpipe.  The interior of Lindsey’s Mazda is her favorite part because of all the attention and compliments she gets for the Burberry wrapped pillars and doors.


Lindsey’s unique hobby is hula hooping which she learned a few months ago from watching YouTube videos. Lindsey tells us that when she started, she just kept watching videos and practiced a lot to learn different techniques.  The practice paid off because she seems to have got the hang of it quite well! Make sure you check out the video below to see her moves!  It’s definitely not as easy as she makes it look!


Lindsey, how often do your outfits match your car? 

My outfits actually match my car pretty often, but it’s usually not on purpose. My red lipstick does match it perfectly though.

Do you have a crew or club that you belong to?

I represent hatchednation, Ig: @hatchednation #hatchednation


How do you feel about people who copy what you have done?

I would never get offended over being “copied”, If I do something someone else likes I would be more than happy to help them out to accomplish whatever it is, and I hope other people would be willing to do the same for me. I think of people in the car scene as family, we are all on the same team!

Everyone has haters in some way shape or form for whatever reasons.  Do you have any and would you like to say something to them?

Like everyone, I do have haters; To my very small group of haters, you know who you are: Hope you get over me soon because i’m not going anywhere (;0 xox


One last question Lindsey, what advice would you give to other female enthusiasts from your perspective?

Have fun building your car, it represents who you are. Be unique and always help others, because someday when you need help with something I guarantee you will have people there for you. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!


If you would like to see more of Lindsey’s 2007 MazdaSpeed3 and her hula hooping skills, check out our first video feature below!

Photos and Video by: Tolga Cetin of Street Image Photography



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