Monday Night Takeover June 16th 2014

By Driving Pretty

It’s that time of year again where Street Wheelz brings the entire automotive community on Long Island together on Monday nights at the Bald Hill Amphitheater for Monday Night Takeover.  The meet starts at 7 but we arrived early (around 6:30) and there was already a huge turnout as the parking stalls were filled row after row.  It’s great to see how many people with a variety of cars, trucks, and bikes come together and just enjoy seeing how other enthusiasts customize their rides.  As we were leaving the meet, I couldn’t believe how many vehicles were still on line to get in.  It was crazy! If you couldn’t make it out to this week, no need to worry, as Monday Night Takeover will be going on every Monday, all summer long!  I hope to see and meet more Driving Pretty girls out there this summer!



Photos by: Tolga Cetin of Street Image Photography

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