Free Beauty Make-overs with Trish

By Driving Pretty

We would like to introduce our very firsttrish
beauty consultant from Long Island, Trish! She is a full time consultant for Mary Kay and has agreed to share her expertise with all of you. In fact, for the next few weeks she is accepting free
appointments made through us where she will give you a free make over. But that’s not all, you will also get a free photoshoot after your appointment with your vehicle and our Driving Pretty photographer. Your pictures will then be featured on our website. You will also be entered to win a brand new Michael Kors Bag!

During your appointment Trish she will teach you the benefits of a great skin care regime and how to apply your make up. You will be the one applying all the products this way you will be able to learn how to. Whether you want a quick out the door look or something more dramatic will be your choice. I feel that most of you, like myself, will want something that’s fast and easy but still looks amazing, as we are always running out the door. Any of the products you like will be available for purchase that day. If you don’t live close enough to make a appointment, you can purchase from her online using her webiste: She can also answer any questions you make have about your daily make up application. Ask your questions below or by emailing us at

Articles and Photos Provided by: Trish

Micheal kors front bag

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