Hello from Glamming with Brittany!

By Driving Pretty

Hello, my fellow Glamazons!!

My name is Brittany Grace. Some call me Britty, and even fewer call me Britt, I’m excited to share my world of fashion and beauty with you. I’m 24 years young and from the fabulous Lindenhurst, Long Island, and I’ll always believe New York is the BEST place to be. You must see NYC at least once in your life. It is where my heart resides and where dreams are made of.

Currently I live in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania which means I’m only a train ride away from NYC. I love that I can enjoy going to the city for exciting events and learning new things to bring back and share! Those of you who follow me know how important my other half, Richie is. We have been together for over five years now so you will see a lot of us on social media. Speaking of social media….if you are already following me on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Facebook you will find it as no surprise what led me to start this “Glamming With Brittany”. I wrote for two amazing fashion blogs and discovered my passion for both writing and reviewing beauty products. However, I knew there was so much more I could do. So here I am, taking a giant leap of faith, that is both scary and exciting!

Along with product reviews, I plan on posting my “Outfit of the Day,” also known as “OOTD,” on a regular basis. My YouTube channel will be linked as well so you can subscribe and follow me as I show fun makeup tutorials. If you have been a follower of mine for a while or just stumbling upon my page now, I hope you enjoy my posts, tutorials, and overall getting to know me better. Us glams need to stick together and take this fashion and beauty world by storm, running through the streets in heels, one makeup brush and curling wand at a time. Only a glamazon can relate to that!, so stay tuned for the newest beauty tips tricks, fashions trends, and so much more! Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

Brittany Grace

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